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Ensure the phone is switched on and in service. Press the End key as many times
as needed to clear the display and return to the main screen. Enter the
emergency number, then press the Talk key. Give your location. Do not end the
call until given permission to do so.


The wireless device described in this guide is approved for use on the TDMA and AMPS
networks. Contact your service provider for more information about networks.

When using the features in this device, obey all laws and respect privacy and legitimate
rights of others.

Warning: To use any features in this device, other than the alarm clock, the phone
must be switched on. Do not switch the device on when wireless phone use may
cause interference or danger.


To use the phone you must have service from a wireless service provider. Many of the
features in this device depend on features in the wireless network to function. These
Network Services may not be available on all networks or you may have to make specific
arrangements with your service provider before you can utilize Network Services. Your
service provider may need to give you additional instructions for their use and explain what
charges will apply. Some networks may have limitations that affect how you can use
Network Services. For instance, some networks may not support all language-dependent
characters and services.

Your service provider may have requested that certain features be disabled or not activated
in your device. If so, they will not appear on your device menu. Contact your service
provider for more information.

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2260 User Guide


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