Nokia 2260 - . Security code

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At the Security code prompt, enter the default security code (12345) or your current
security code and select OK.


At the Enter new security code prompt, enter your new five-digit security code and
select OK.


At the Verify new security code prompt, enter your new security code again and

select OK.

Keep your security code secret and stored in a safe place away from your phone. If you have
changed your security code and do not remember the new code, contact your service


You can create up to 10 restrictions to restrict incoming and outgoing calls.

When calls are restricted, calls still may be possible to the official emergency number
programmed into your phone.

Before you define restrictions for outgoing calls, Add restriction is the only available
option. After you use the Add restriction option to add at least one restriction, the
following options become available:

Select—Select call restrictions from the outgoing calls list.