Nokia 2260 - . Alarm clock

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From the menus, select Alarm clock > On.


Enter the alarm time in hh:mm format; then select OK.


If the time setting is in 12-hour format, select either am or pm.

Respond to the alarm

At the time of the alarm, the phone sounds an alert tone. Select Stop or press the End key
to stop the alarm and return to the start screen.


There are several ways to enable the Snooze feature:

Select Snooze.

Press any key except the End key.

Allow the alarm to sound for one minute.

Once snooze is enabled, the alarm will sound again in 10 minutes. If you select Stop or press
the End key while snoozing, the alarm is turned off.

Alarm when phone is off

If the alarm time is reached while the device is switched off, the device switches itself on
and starts sounding the alarm tone. If you select Stop, the device asks whether you want to
activate the device for calls. Select No to switch off the device or Yes to make and receive
calls. Do not select Yes when wireless phone use may cause interference or danger.