Nokia 2260 - Delete a viewed business card

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Delete a viewed business card

After viewing the business card select Back > Discard > OK.


You can download up to 10 ringing tones to replace the personal entries in your list of
ringing tones. Since this is a network dependent feature, methods for downloading ringing
tones vary. Contact your wireless service provider for details.

If you have this service and your phone receives a downloaded ringing tone, your phone
displays Ringing tone received.

Listen to received tones


When your phone shows Ringing tone received, select Options > Playback > OK to
play the ringing tone.


To stop playing the ringing tone, press any key or select Quit.

Save a received tone


After listening to the ringing tone, select Quit > Save tone > Select.


Choose which ringing tone you want to replace—either an empty Personal location, if
any are remaining, or a previously downloaded tone.


If you are replacing a previously downloaded tone, at the Replace tone? prompt, select
OK to replace the tone or Back to return to the previous menu.