Nokia 2260 - Charge the battery

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Charge the battery

Before you begin using your phone, you need to prepare
your phone by charging the battery.


Plug the charger into a standard wall outlet; then
connect the lead from the charger to the bottom of
the phone.


The battery power indicator (or battery bar) appears
on the screen and starts scrolling.

Charging appears if the phone is on.


When the battery bar stops scrolling, the battery charge is complete.

Battery full appears if the phone is on.


Disconnect the charger from the phone.

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Your phone is compatible with the HDC-5, HDC-10, HDE-2, and HDB-5 headsets. To connect
the headset:


Plug the headset plug into the bottom of your phone.


Put the earbud into one ear.

With the headset connected, you can make and answer calls as usual.

The microphone for the headset hangs at the side of your head. Although the microphone may
seem far from your mouth, you can speak at a normal volume.