Nokia 2260 - Remove the battery

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Remove the battery

If you purchase a new battery or need to access information on the phone label, you may need
to remove the battery. Make sure the phone has been turned off for at least 10 seconds.

Important: Dispose of batteries according to applicable local regulations (for
example, recycling). Do not dispose as household waste.



1/4 inch

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2260 User Guide


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About your phone


Hold the phone with the back facing you.
At the bottom corners of the phone, press
the battery cover with your thumb and


Place the thumb of your other hand in the
groove, approximately 1 inch from the top
of the phone. Apply pressure with the
thumb, slide the back cover toward you to
release it, then remove it.


Look for the battery latch that runs
along the end of the battery

nearest the top of the phone.


Place your thumbs on the corners
of the latch and press away from

the battery.


Once the battery is released from
the latch, it will lift slightly so that
it can be removed from the phone.

Warning: Use only your hands to remove the battery. Do not use any objects that
may damage the phone or the battery.