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About your phone


Make sure to register your phone at or 1-888-NOKIA-2U
(1-888-665-4228) so that we can better serve you, if you should need to call the Nokia
Customer Care Center or have your phone repaired.


From time to time, Nokia updates this user guide to reflect changes or corrections. The latest
version may be available at


Also, an interactive tutorial may be available at


This guide uses certain terms for the parts of the phone and the steps that you are asked to

Highlighted options on the screen are enclosed within a dark bar. The selection keys
are used to act on the highlighted option.

Selection keys are used to select various phone

Select means to press the Left selection key or
the Right selection key. In the example to the
right, press the Left selection key to select
Menu, or press the Right selection key to select Contacts.

Scroll keys, located just below the screen, are used to move up and down in the menus
and contacts.