Nokia 2260 - . In-phone help

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Scroll to Silent and select Select.


Many menu items have brief help text. To view the help text, scroll to the menu item and
wait for about 15 seconds. Select More or press the Scroll down key to continue reading
the text. Select Back to exit, or wait a few seconds to return to the current menu.

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A menu is a list of choices you can make to change settings on your phone or use various phone
features. Each menu can contain several levels of submenus. You can use menus and
submenus two ways: by scrolling or by using a shortcut. This guide uses the scroll method
when describing how to use the phone features.

Scroll method


At the start screen, select Menu; then scroll through the menus using the Scroll up
and Scroll down keys.


Use the scroll and selection keys to navigate the submenus.


Press the End key to return to the start screen.

For example, when you see ”From the menus, select Profiles > Silent,” the scrolling method
is as follows: at the start screen, press the Left selection key (under the word Menu), scroll
to Profiles, press the Left selection key (under the word Select), scroll to Silent, and press
the Left selection key (under the word Options).


Menus and options are numbered so that you can quickly find your way to an option. The
numbers appear in the top right corner of the screen and show your location in the menu.