Nokia 2260 - Adjust the earpiece volume

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Adjust the earpiece volume

Adjust the earpiece volume during a call by pressing the scroll
keys located just below the screen.

Press the Scroll up key to increase the volume.

Press the Scroll down key to decrease the volume.



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2260 User Guide 11

Copyright © 2004 Nokia

Basic operations



Keyguard disables your keypad to prevent accidental key presses.

To lock the keys, at the start screen, select Menu, and press



To unlock the keys, select Unlock, and press



To answer a call when keyguard is active, select Answer or press the Talk key.

If you are connected to a headset or loopset, press and hold the End key to end the call.

After you end the call, keyguard automatically becomes active again.

If you need the phone lights while keyguard is on, press the Power key to quickly switch
the lights on for 15 seconds.

Connecting your phone to a car kit automatically disables keyguard.