Nokia 2260 - . Punctuation and special characters

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Predictive text example

To write Nokia with predictive text on and with the English dictionary selected, press each
of the following keys once:

the 6 key the 6 key the 5 key the 4 key the 2 key

The illustration above simulates your display each time a key is pressed.


While at any text entry screen, press * to display special characters (press and hold * if
predictive text is on).

Navigate special characters using the 2, 4, 6, and 8 keys much as you would a joystick. Once
a character is highlighted, press the 5 key to insert the character into your message.

To enter a symbol while adding a name to the phone book, press *.

To add a special character for creating a number string in the number box, press *. See
“Touch tone strings” on page 38.

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