Nokia 2260 - . Check missed, received, or dialed calls

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From the menus, select Call log; then select either Missed calls, Received calls, or
Dialed calls.


Scroll to the number you want to view.


Select Options; then select one of the following options:

Call time—Show the time when the call was connected. (You must first set the

phone clock.)

Send message—Send a text message to the person who called you or whom you called.

Edit number—Edit the number and save it with a name to your contact list.

Save—Enter a name for the number and save both to your contact list.

Delete—Delete the number from the call list.

View number—View the number. (The caller’s name and number must be stored in the
contact list.)

Call—Dial the number from the call log.

When the number of a missed, received, or dialed call is highlighted, you can call the
number by pressing the Talk key.


Warning: You cannot undo this operation.