Nokia 2260 - Folders

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Your phone has folders for managing text messages. Text message folders are
located under the Messages menu.

Templates—The templates folder stores prewritten messages that you can use as a
basis for your text messages. To view a template, scroll to the desired template and
select Read. You can edit and delete templates.

Inbox—The inbox stores messages you receive. Messages remain in the inbox until
you delete them or save them in the archive folder. You can forward or reply to
messages in your inbox.

Outbox—The outbox stores messages you have written, sent, edited, and forwarded.
Messages in the outbox are not saved messages. As you send new messages, old
messages will automatically be removed from the outbox. When message memory
is full, one or more messages of the lowest priority are automatically deleted from
the outbox. If you want to save a message you have sent, read the message while it
is in the outbox and use the Options menu to save it to the archive folder.

Archive—The archive folder stores messages you have saved. You can save messages
to the archive folder from the inbox and the outbox. You can reply to or forward
saved messages.