Nokia 2260 - Write and send a text message

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Write and send a text message


From the menus, select Messages > Write message.


Enter a message of up to 160 characters.

A counter in the upper right corner of the screen shows the number of
characters remaining.

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If you want to include a prewritten template in your message, select Options > Use
and the desired template.


When you have finished writing the message, select Options > Send.


Enter or recall the recipient’s phone number, and select Send.

When sending messages, your device may display the words Message Sent. This is an
indication that the message has been sent by your device to the message center number
programmed into your device. This is not an indication that the message has been received
at the intended destination. For more details about messaging services, check with your
service provider.

Using special (Unicode) characters such as ë, â, á, ì take up more space. If there are special
characters in your message, the indicator may not show the message length correctly.
Before the message is sent, the device tells you if the message exceeds the maximum length
allowed for one message.