Nokia 2260 - Listen to your voice messages

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To listen to a voice message immediately, select Listen and follow the instructions given on
the phone.

To store a voice message for later listening, select Exit.

To listen to stored voice messages, press and hold the 1 key; then follow the prompts.

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Your phone is capable of a variety of messaging services including text messages
(SMS or short message service), picture messages, and e-mail messages. Messaging
services are network services. Consult your service provider for information on
availability, subscribing to and using messaging services.

Understand messaging

Message recipients: The phone to which you send a message must support messages.
The recipient may not receive the SMS message you send if the recipient’s account
is with a different service provider or uses a different protocol.

Message length: The maximum length of a sent or received message is 160 characters.
Your phone has space for several messages, depending on the length of each message.
The maximum length of a message also may depend on the capabilities of the network
from which the message originated.

Message options

There are several options available when working with text, picture, and e-mail
messages. The order and availability of options may vary depending on the
messaging function and your service provider.

Send—Attempt to send the text message to the recipient.

Settings—Set Urgent, Read receipt, Reply req., and Callback no. options for

the message.

Save—Save the message in the archive folder.

Clear text—Clear the text in the message editor.

Use template—Insert a text template into a text message.

Exit editor—Go back to the Messages menu.

Predictive text—Turn predictive text on and off.

Insert word—If predictive text (T9) is activated, you can manually spell a word and
insert it into your message.

Insert number—Insert numbers into the message.

Insert symbol—Access the list of special characters.

Save picture—Save a picture to the template folder.

Matches—List alternative word choices while using predictive text.

Details—When viewing a picture message, view the sender’s name and number.

Preview—Preview a picture message before sending.