Nokia 2260 - 8 Personalization

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Your phone can be easily customized to fit your lifestyle. The display language, ringing
tones, audio, and accessory settings (among others) can all be modified to suit your needs.

Your phone has various profiles which allow you to customize ringing and alert tones for
different environments. Once you modify the profiles, you can activate the profile that is
appropriate for your surroundings. For example, you can select the Silent profile while at the
movies or the Outdoor profile when at a sporting event.


Profiles let you set sound settings to match your environment. Pick the profile that suits your
current environment: Normal, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, or Pager. You can customize any
of the profiles.

Important: You can select a default profile for each of these accessories: Headset,
Handsfree Car Kit, and Loopset. To learn more about accessories, see “Accessory
settings” on page 30.

Select a profile


Quickly press and release the Power key.


Scroll to the profile you want to use and select Select.

Customize a profile