Nokia 2260 - . Automatic redial

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Note: Phone number selection is a network dependent feature. Some networks may
not support more than one number. Contact your service provider for availability
and full details.


From the menus, select Settings > Network services > Own number selection.


Select the phone number you want to use.


When the wireless network is busy or unavailable, automatic redial instructs your phone to
retry the call. However, this feature does not automatically retry a number when the number
you are calling is busy.

From the menus, select Settings > Call settings > Automatic redial > On.

If the system is busy, your phone makes three additional call attempts. If you want to stop
the automatic redial process before the last attempt, press the End key or select Quit.

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You can assign a name from your contact list to a 1-touch dialing location, using keys 2
9. (The 1 key is used exclusively to dial your voice mailbox.) Once assigned, the phone
number you associate with that key is dialed automatically when you press and hold the key.

Assign a 1-touch key