Nokia 2260 - Place a call without sending your number

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Place a call without sending your number


From the menus, select Settings > Network services > Send own caller ID > No.


Enter the desired phone number, or press Find to recall a phone number from the
contact list; then select OK.

The phone automatically inserts the feature code into the dialing string and dials the
phone number. The phone you are calling will not display your phone number through
caller ID.


Your service provider programs your phone number and system information into your phone
memory when your phone is first activated. Your phone can hold up to three numbers. This
means that your phone can be activated in three different service areas. For example, your
phone could be activated in Dallas, Chicago, and New York. Each service area would assign a
different phone number or account to your phone.

You must select a phone number for your home system. Only one phone number can be
active at a time. If you travel outside your home system, you can choose another number.
One phone number is usually enough if your service provider has service or roaming
agreements for each area in which you wish to use your phone. Contact your service provider
for details.

You need at least one active number to make calls. You cannot change from one phone
number to another during a call.