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Delete numbers


At the start screen, select Contacts > 1-touch dialing.


Scroll to the key you want to delete and select Options > Delete > OK.


Your phone allows you to create special sets of numbers known as touch tone strings which
will dial a series of digits after a “wait” or a “pause.” For example, you can program your phone
to send your account number while you are banking by phone.

You must be in the

mode to enter these characters. Enter the numbers as usual.

When you want to insert the special characters, press


repeatedly to switch among


, +, p,

w characters.

Note: Use caution when sending confidential information, if voice privacy is not


Creates a pause when a number is dialed. The numbers you enter after this special
character are automatically sent as touch tones after a 2.5-second pause.


Creates a wait when a number is dialed. This means that your phone waits for you to
press the left selection key before it sends the number as touch tones.


Sends command strings to the network. Contact your service provider for details.


Links a 1-touch dialing number to a number in the contact list.

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